The Missing Link

Drinks on us.

Having dealt with the recruitment business from different environments over the last few years, we decided to change the way candidates and companies feel about external recruitment. Who isn’t sick of suit-wearing xing, linkedin and phone sales machines anyway?

We are. Coming from a background hosting hackathons, meetups, and conferences, building tech teams for our own and other start-ups, and helping big companies grow their tech teams and deliver a real impression of the company, product, tech stack and working culture to potentials, we decided to take a different route. We are great networkers, meetup goers, and organizers.

We love tech and bringing people and companies together to create value.

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Michael Grohmann


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Cim Topal


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Emin Mahrt


For candidates.

We are only working with Berlin-based tech companies. This leads to a high knowledge about the market, your value, and helping you find opportunities you didn’t even know about. Get in touch with us, let’s have a coffee, mate, or beer, or call us and find out what’s best for you. Whether you’re interested in blockchain, bigdata, or ecommerce, we can help you finding the perfect challenge.

For companies.

Our goal is to create value. How? We sit together with you to learn about your company and your needs. Based on that, we reach out to our network, then organise and attend relevant events to broaden our network in the specific field you are looking for. We are a recruitment consultancy - not an agency. We also help you, improving your hiring and recruitment process, giving you advice about how to reach the right candidates and helping you grow your network.

PS: And yes, we also have and use linkedin, xing, our database, facebook, github and stackoverflow - we just prefer going the personal route.