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How much does it cost?

We usually take a fixed cut of the annual salary of the candidates (between 25-35%) in case of a successful placement. That being said, we know that situations of companies differ and thus we are open for different approaches, so speak to us about retained search or more flexible approaches.

What happens if the candidate quits within the first months?

In case someone quits within the first months, we will either refund you or find a replacement for free. The time frame is depending on the company and the position itself.

How do you get candidates?
We use different channels to get to candidates for you. For the most part, we leverage our network consisting of CTOs, founders, head ofs, etc to give us access to their own networks. On top, we host meetups and hackathons, organize dinners, talks and use the rather traditional channels such as linkedin, stack overflow, github, twitter, facebook.

Why should you as an external partner optimize on quality instead of quantity?

We believe the traditional external recruitment market is dysfunctional: external consultancies optimize on quantity - whether it’s because of internal or external KPIs or the idea of having a lucky shot somewhere in the mass of applicants.

We are incentivized to only create matches that work for both parts: in case we do a bad job on either end, we lose trust in our partner networks and thus break our own system. This way of recruitment only works when we create trust and sustain trust through positive feedback on each end.

What kind of candidates can missing-link.io help us with hiring?

Our core focus is tech and executive recruitment.

We have built our own companies in the past including all different departments so we have a good understanding of different backgrounds.

What is missing-link.io?

We are a recruitment consultancy that helps you recruit the best talent.

What is different to other recruitment agencies?

Instead of focusing on linkedin, Xing, stack overflow etc, our approach is to focus on building networks and through those networks get to the candidates that are truly interesting for you and can’t be reached through the traditional channels. The way we do it is by partnering with relevant people (“good people know good people”), hosts tons of events, attend meetups, hackathons and constantly growing our own and our partner network.

What is this partner network?

We noticed that we spend most of our time networking to identify the right candidates and clients. Through this time we noticed that the people we cooperated with, already know the best people and companies, trust us and refer us. Why should external recruitment be limited to some sales machines when you have the opportunity to let relevant people participate in the process?

This is why missing-link.io is a network based, open community instead of a closed agency. Our network consists of CTOs, founders, recruiters, executives - people who naturally have a good network and are able to give relevant intros.

What is the core benefit of recruiting through this network approach?

We have access to way more passive candidates since there is a personal connection to them. On top instead of only paying a recruiter, you, as a hiring company, also incentivize opinion leaders within the scene which has a positive impact on your branding and perception in the market.

Can everyone become a partner?

No. Our partners are handpicked and become partners based on trust and a level of quality.

If you feel like you want to become part of it, feel free to reach out to us and let's get to know each other.

Why do partners work with you?

We believe that instead of paying a usual recruitment consultant, it makes more sense to incentivize people who already have a trust level to the potential candidate and will also pay positively on your employer branding (being referred by a CTO gives a better impression than being texted by a random recruiter). This is why we split the commission with the partners. On top, we build a trust level and also have selective events (dinners, meetups, parties) for our partner network.

Who is part of your partner network?

People with different backgrounds and different networks: CTOs, VPs, Founders, HR, meetup goers,...

In case you want a few examples, please quickly drop us a message!

How can I become a partner?

Text us and let’s talk whether it makes sense for both parties!

Where is the best coffee shop in Berlin?

Kaffeekirsche at Böckhstr. 30!

For candidates

How much does your service cost for potential candidates?

Nothing. Even if you just want to have advice on your CV, a conversation about the current market or get input on how you should improve your career. We believe in building long lasting relationships and trust.

What background and skills are interesting for you?

We mostly focus on the blockchain and startup scene where the variety is pretty big - but mostly tech and executives. That being said, we sometimes also help companies within other departments (Ops, HR,..). The easiest way is to quickly drop us a message!

Why should I use missing-link.io anyway?

The market is non-transparent and sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect fit within the jungle of opportunities. We help you understand your value, your own potential and growth options and based on that give you an overview of suitable options for you. As mentioned, we believe in trust and relationship rather than selling so we try to be as objective as possible. We also helped people to find the right job at companies we don’t work with because we felt there was a better fit.

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